Why Young Girls Who Like Older Men

Today, many people are talking about young girls who like older men,  Here are some of their opinions.

girls who like older men

Question 1

I have come to find, in the world of online dating that many younger college aged girls enjoy the company of older men 35+. What is it that makes this acceptable? I would love to hear any opinions or experiences young woman have had. I spoke with a girlfriend who is 21 and dates a successful 40 year old man. She tells me there is no stress or lies and that the relationship has no drama. When I asked her about love she told me there was love but it was of a mentoring/nurturing kind. She said they had a solid friendship and when they made love it was passionate and overly erotic.


“Cheez68″ say: I can only speak my opinion on the subject. I am a 43 year old man who doesn’t look his age. I am successful at what I do and have dated an 18 year old when I was in my 30′s. We went out for two years before I had to relocate and she still had to finish University. But she also had a temper which kinda ruined things. But besides that, she sized me up with younger guys, and for her, dating the older guy I was, who had never been married, had kids or had drama, made me, in her eyes, just like being with a younger guy. However, I stacked up against them because I was more polite, treated her like a lady, made time for her versus haning with the boys all the time, we had a lot in common and so we had great communication, and last but not least, where intimacy was concerned, she never had an orgasm with any guy until I came along. She said I was never in a hurry, i made love to her versus satisfying myself, and made sure I was zoned in on her sexuality and needs. She was NEVER about money, never did I pamper her, or never did she ever ask me to buy her stuff. I helped her with her college work, also helped her to get a part-time job. So our relationship wasn’t the so-called “trophy wife/gold digger” kinda relationship…as a society, we have forgotten that centuries ago, May-December relationships were very common and not new….even the bible has a couple examples….

“jackson” say: it could be for many reasons that a person male or female chooses to be in an intimate sexual relationship with a person much older or younger than themselves. For me as a male I have always gone for very attractive women . When I was young 15 -21, older women came after me and I went. Women my age also sought me out and pursued me and I them. I am a sexual being and I feel that one should be with a women if there is that chemistry,that spark that attraction . Who says you should have lots in common and make all those rules that in my opinion limit the many awesome and not so experiences in life. I just go with the flow and see what happens. Get out there swing for the fences go for broke. Get your heart broken as many times as you can, break some in return. Just don’t do it on purpose. Love with all your heart but remember tomorrow is promised to no one.

Question 2

Can anyone tell me what these little young 20 yr old girls want with these 40 some year old men???? I think it’s disgusting!!


“CrazyCOMen” say: I know they say age is only a number but damn when you are 40 dating someone who is 20…that’s just a little too much of a gap, if you ask me anyways! I know this guy who is like 42 and he is always getting younger women and they are actually somewhat decent looking…and I know it isn’t his looks..he definitely couldn’t afford much with his looks,maybe it’s something down south, who knows? I’ve dated a guy 9 yrs older than me but I don’t think I could be with someone 20 + years older! I say overall, it has to be money and drugs!! But that’s just my opinion!:)

“starr” say: I am with a man. He is much older, than myself. Never was he into drugs. Nor, is he rich. It is heart and affection. I love his kind ways, with kids and people. I love his mind (WAY BEFORE I EVER TOUCHED HIM) No! i was not, even looking for a relationship. I met him, through WORK. You sicko’s who use people, DO NOT MAKE IT, IN THIS WORLD. If they do..they are never satisfied. You do not earn it. You cannot feel satisfaction of your accomplishments. You may feel entertainment with money, for a while. If you got money, by bad. Bad, is what you will get.

“older man” say: I prefer women 50 to 60 years old. I am not as good in the bedroom as i was when i was a young man but i have alot to offer in a relationship that a young man can’t offer and i won’t be running from woman to woman like young men do.I don’t drink alcohol or do illegal drugs or party all night. I am not looking for love i am waiting for it to happen.

Tips for Girls Who Like Older Men

Girls who like older men nowadays seem to have a difficult getting into younger women older men relationships. This is mostly because finding older men that are willing to date them out in the open can be a little complicated. It will be pretty rare to see men like these because a part of society still frowns heavily towards younger women older men relationships. Men and women that get into these kinds of relationships are often hated and ridiculed by the people around them. For this reason, most old men prefer to keep their dating needs to themselves instead. This is where online senior dating comes in. Girls who like older men now have an alternative to older man dating without having to deal with the people around them. Thanks to the internet, getting into younger women older men relationships is now a lot easier. Here are some things that you might want to know about online dating for seniors.

Dating an older guy over the internet is a lot easier and less time-consuming compared to the ways of dating that we are all used to. If you choose to date online, all you will need is sign up with an online dating site and directly search for potential dates. You will no longer need to go to random places just to get a small “chance” of finding someone that is also interested in dating. Like I said earlier, finding old men who are into these kinds of relationships can be quite difficult nowadays. For this reason, you will surely waste a lot of time and money if you choose to do it the old fashioned way.

Online dating can be a lot easier compared to the old fashioned and traditional ways of dating. However, this does not mean that you can just sit there, relax and expect the best results. If you want to get the most out of your online dating experience, you must be willing to exert a lot of effort on your part. While you can still get results if you wait long enough, the results will be on a whole different level if you choose to take the initiative and do things your way. Needless to say, your chances of getting the results that you truly want will be better if you do the searching for yourself. Don’t let this discourage you though. Searching for potential dates over the internet is actually a lot of fun. It is also not that difficult; even if you do not have a vast knowledge about the internet or computers.

Girls who like older men will need to be positive minded if they are serious about finding the right old man for them. Dating an older man can be a lot of fun but it can also be quite stressful at times. Taking this into consideration, you must also prepare yourself for the bad times as it will not always be rainbows and butterflies in your relationship. Good luck on your search and make sure that you have some fun.

girls who like older men

Young Girls Looking For Older Men Dating Site

The world is bursting at the seams with young girls looking for older men for casual dates and more meaningful relationships. To the highly internet-savvy individual, it may be an easy matter to find these ladies online. To most men, however, it seems like a near-impossible task; a dream, if you will. The intention of this article is to educate you on a simple method; to make your dream a reality. This method can be free and it is always very, very simple.

Most men who seek out young girls looking for older men will make the mistake of looking on social networking sites. And why is this a mistake? These sites are not dating sites. It is that simple. Most girls are irritated by the endless barrage of men trying to “chat them up”. After all, most of these girls created their Facebook or MySpace account in order to keep in contact with friends, family, or work colleagues; not to find a boyfriend.

You need to do two things. The first thing is obvious; the second is certainly not. You need to become a member of a large dating community. You can choose a free or a paid one. Just be sure that you join a very large community. Some of these communities have ten million members or more. Upload some tasteful photographs of yourself and do not be afraid to “promote yourself” when you write your profile. One of the reasons younger girls find older men attractive is due to what they have amassed in their lives (nice homes, cars, experiences, knowledge); the other, of course, is the physical appearance of an older man.

Now the second step is to put in a simple search. On the site you have joined, just put in a search for local girls, but “filter” your search for “younger” girls. All modern sites allow you to search by age. What you will end up with is a list before you of young ladies seeking dates. How, though, do you find out which ones are young girls looking for older men? Simple.

I asked you to upload nice photographs and write about yourself for a reason. What you should do is send friend invitations to as many of these girls as you like. What will happen is they will see your invitation and go looking at your profile. Those that ACCEPT your invitation and become friends will, of course, be interested in older men. What you have just done is begin collecting a list of young girls online, all of whom are interested in relationships with mature men.


young girls looking for older men